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brickeaters reading + signing 8/27
« on: August 30, 2018, 12:35:46 am »
part i

I broke Veganism as soon as I arrived in the city. Bought Animal Lover and Tunes of Two Cities and The Big Bubble. Saw Homer and the one lady that was sorta running the show. They walked away and I went outside to eat meat.

A guy walked up that had traveled from Austria (partly to see Homer). It took some effort to communicate because he didn't know English too well. I had to drop all the sarcasm and work on my enunciation. We took a selfie together planning to post it in The Residents Facebook Group that I had just added him to. But it didn't work.

Then I said something that caused him to realize that I was that one Frenesi that got Gated outta RR or whatever. And he burst out laughin, so then we took another selfie with more spirit. And like, maybe squirted a little more packets of Taco Bell fire sauce to the stars.

cc walked by and i pointed him out. I actually pointed cc out twice in a row and the guy from Austria was like "yeah you already told me"

ib walked by too and knew i knew who they were. ibs bf held the door for me as i blurted out "DO YOU HAVE UNLIMITED DATA ON YOUR CELL PHONE"

he said "no" and practically ran away as i started running from person to person asking if they had UNLIMITED DATA ON YOUR CELL PHONE

one girl did, but i wasn't satisfied and started freaking out by melting down trying to find a back-up person with UNLIMITED DATA ON YOUR CELL PHONE

i did find someone, but turns out they both let me down. The first girl ended up filming the q & a .. just couldn't manage to livestream it to Facebook's Group. I still don't have the video (gimme a few days and i’ll link you. Okay?), so this write-up is just from memory

talked to cc a little as Homer took the stage

i didn't pay any attention to his reading because i was pretty distracted trying to organize questions for the q & a afterwards. You see, I was on 6 hours of sleep in  48 hours. I get weird when I'm tired (i get weird when im not tired, too) The one cool part was in the 2nd Brickeaters excerpt when Homer used a pretty scary voice. His granddaughter went toddling all the way to the back of the venue lol. Homer smiled gracefully but didn't break character. Then there was the q & a:

part ii

I kept asking questions and never ran out.. but I made sure not to hog the opportunity. 7 or 8 people were able to get questions in before the promoter lady that was running the show told Homer that we only had room for one more question.

a little verbatim excerpt from the short clip that currently exists:

[Homer responding to another questioner about dyin' dog] .. this character.. back in Louisiana.. and this character's blues name was Dyin' Dog and he did some demos and this was based on that. But they also don't feel like that's gonna be enough for a full show.. so they're gonna combine that with Duck Stab. So it's gonna be a combination of Dyin' Dog and Duck Stab for the next tour .. the Dyin' Dog tour

Me: So, Randy.. i haven't heard from him lately .. i heard he might come back in Double Trouble .. how's Randy doing?

Homer: Let's just say Randy's done better. He's been seeing a therapist . There's been some improvement in his behavior. One of The Residents' projects at this point is a film project called Double Trouble and Randy definitely has a part written in the script for him.

I immediately blurted out another question after that, but I don't know what it was because the video cuts off. After that question I must have backed off. I kept dizzyingly spinning and rotating after each of my questions to get a look at the audience and make sure they all got seen by Homer. It was a pretty dark room. I also just like looking at audiences. I kept doing it at the Philly IBD show. like i was just staring at people that stared at The Residents. I get bored as h*ck watching The Residents perform to be honest with you. I mainly care about watching the fans.

I did NOT expect to feel so comfortable with Homer that I'd be able to just yell stuff out without raising my hand. I didn't even have to raise my hand for my first question.. he just looked at me and said "Hello" because he knew i had questions and a lot of them. I was holding a notebook standing front and center.

afterwards, people kept asking me who the **** i was like are you a reporter who do you work for lol i aint no reporter

part 0  -- info gained to ensure i reach constantinople befoer it too late

"As of now, there are no plans for Double Trouble to be crowd-funded (the trailer for it was crowd-funded).

Also, the God in Three Persons live project still seems to be a long way off in terms of funding and organization. It doesn’t look like much has happened to prepare for this yet except for that one rehearsal with an orchestra in Rotterdam. If it comes together, it does not look like ‘Homer Flynn of the Cryptic Corporation’ (as opposed to The Residents’ lead singer..) will portray Mr. X or the stumpy uncle that was unconcerned and rumpled (this possibility was floated in a conversation between Flynn and Ian Shirley in the March issue of Record Collector Magazine)."

" the forthcoming live tour dates in the U.K. and Germany (January, 2019) of In Between Dreams will be different in the sense that Duck Stab stuff will be performed as well. Homer specifically mentioned Duck Stab as an addition.

[Note: Homer explicitly told me to my face that In Between Dreams was not over. But then later on he referred to this upcoming January live stuff as “Dyin’ Dog Tour” .. so who the h*ck knows!]

Interestingly, Mole Show was originally going to feature Duck Stab music as half of the show. Some of those rehearsals ended up on Assorted Secrets and Dumpster Tapes."

"Homer confirms that Vileness Fats "Lord it's Lonely" was intended as a cover of Randy Newman’s “Lonely at the Top”.. The Residents are big fans of Randy"

" I couldn’t get a straight answer from Flynn about the possibility of Not Available pREServed. He does strongly believe it will happen (as do I). But he claims it’s in the hands of the Cherry Red Records people (that Richard guy). He did state that maybe they’re trying to release them in order of their actual release in history (vs. the year they were allegedly made ‘according to Residents lore’) and cited that as a reason it would come later in the pREServed series. I told him that the ‘Mysterious Archivist’ stated in an interview that there is a plan to release Not Available pREServed.. and he didn’t seem to even know that the Mysterious Archivist had said that.. anyway, don’t worry: Not Available pREServed will come.. I have no doubt.. probably next year."

from conversations about the event:

"Talked about Penn, but I can’t remember anything else from that moment. He also was asked about whether The Residents had ever scared him, and he mentioned Mole Show as having been particularly trying horrifying experience. But he also said that fear was not necessarily a bad thing."

Homer talked about how, as far as literary inspiration goes, The Residents were influenced by Philip K Dick, John Steinbeck, and Kurt Vonnegut. Then I blurted out that I thought I heard him say somewhere that Vileness Fats was loosely based on Flannery O Connor's Wise Blood. He said he had no recollection of ever saying that. So that was my blunder of the night. Real curious, too, because I certainly read an interview in which he's reported as having said that. And what kind of interviewer would make up something like that?

As far as Vonnegut goes .. that's mainly the novel Mother Night doing the inspiring.. from what I gather. And I have a feeling (i dunno if im delusional but i have intuition about this kinda stuff. i've done lyrical analysis trying to figure out whether it was chuck or randy or jay that wrote songs. im digressing omg this is so long im getting tired) that thats all Randy being inspired by mother night. and chuck is the one that primarily read pkd and re-imagined his writing and even re-released pkd stuff with brand spankin’ new artwork. Chuck is the one that spoke on the phone with pkd when sharon ludtke had him and randy over for dinner one night. chuck is the one with thomas pynchons phone number. And as far as John Steinbeck goes.. well,

I'm not too clear on which Residents were into The Catcher in the Rye in such a hxc way that it became their referred to as their "bible". Likely all of them except

for jk and rs and nc and dy. Randy Chuck and Snakefinger all read it. And the Whoopy Snorp dude knows Holden Vitamin Caulfield rofl

Also: American Composer Series was discussed at length.. I'll spare you,

part iii

i told Homer that I would not allow him to sign my copy of Brickeaters as "THE RESIDENTS" because he did not write the book: The Residents did. I gave him my copy of Randy Newman's Little Criminals and asked him to sign anything it didn't even have to be words it could just be a smiley face. Or a dot. He just wrote Homer. That Austrian guy that couldn't speak English so hot took our picture.

part iv

nightmare that me and hf and cw and ib were making a film based on diamond dogs i mean howlin' wolf i mean dying god

i mean dyin' dog**

cw just wouldnt let me go to bed. we kept talkin and talkin. ib's body was extremely macabre and death-like moves. And hf had this ferocious look of concentration and vision

Finally I did get to bed.but then I woke up underwater and all the lamps in the room had been **** up. I knew I wouldn't get electrocuted, though. Anyhow, I wanted to at least find the circuit breaker in that house and switch it off. Somehow, my mother came to mind.
scary world of losing control

So I ran downstairs to get crackin' on the film thought loops cycling unwinding faster and faster and faster. And hf's film-making equipment began to fall over. He didn't look worried. His cameras and sound stuff all belonged to the other hf. Maybe that's why he wasn't too worried about it falling over and smashing. idk coulda been sahadev's too

Couldn't find that d*rn dog anywheres

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