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RZ News and Non-News / RIP Charles " Chuck" Bobuck (2009-2017)
« Last post by germainescalp on October 01, 2017, 11:31:39 am »

Hardy Fox was the anonymous primary composer, producer for The Residents from their beginning until 2015.
A useful pseudonym for Hardy Fox, Bobuck was established as an alternative musical expression. "Bobuck" continued to write and record music through 2017 when the pseudonym fell from a tall building head first.
After the fall of Bobuck, what is even left? Perhaps a grandpa. Perhaps, Hardy Fox.

Coming soon on KlangGalerie
More info very soon.

RZ Project Talk / Re: DEMONS DANCE ALONE (Project of the Week for the 11th of September)
« Last post by moleshow on September 29, 2017, 04:03:02 pm »
i lent the album to someone and she made some really interesting points about it. she said that she interpreted Make Me Moo as being spoken by the Elemental Cow, and that to have a child singing for that role made an interesting statement in terms of how we tend to view creators or powerful beings. we tend to see them as wise, old men. she noted that this is visible, for example, in Renaissance paintings of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. they gave the child an adult's face. this was to communicate his knowledge, his holiness- even as a baby, he is wise. but to have the Elemental Cow be a child makes the creation of the world and the happenings within it inherently innocent. characterizing ultimate creation, the all-powerful as innocent also makes a statement about art. children create art removed from expectation, ideas of what makes art good or bad- those sorts of things. they make art wholly true to themselves.

so i thought that was cool.
RZ Project Talk / Re: PROJECT OF THE WEEK (25th of September): 13TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW
« Last post by moleshow on September 29, 2017, 12:16:47 pm »
this show is such an absolute mystery to me. i don't have a solid sense of what the setlist was at any of the shows- i think that it's cut down for some releases or reorganized for others. i don't know what costumes were used for what tracks. i don't know much of anything for sure about it, but i do know that i really like it!

it's an eerie, minimalist affair. the way the shows seemed to allow the Rz to appear as if they were ghostly apparitions in the darkness, haunting a space, coming forth out of a stagnant darkness with life and energy! they assume costumes and identities for sections of tracks that do not necessarily have characters with distinct appearances. they use the people onstage as their decorations which allows the show to feel exceptionally alive compared to any of their other shows. (they would soon use both living and static decorations in Cube-E to make for something REALLY fascinating.)

it sets a precedent for shows like Way We Were, Shadowland, Talking Light, Fillmore '98, and Wonder of Weird (and seemingly the upcoming In Between Dreams)- setlists not based off of singular albums to visualize them, but assorted tracks organized by eras, ideas, themes. this makes one thing i've seen pretty funny: this tendency for Cliffords to trash the RCB trilogy while praising the 13th Anniversary shows. like- hey, dude! those shows are, structurally, similar. while the RCB shows have narration, characters, those sorts of things- they don't take up much of the show. but i am not of that mindset, and am almost definitely missing the point. anyways, 13th Anniversary show very good, perhaps a little spooky.

i may have more to say at a later date.
RZ Project Talk / 13TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW (Project of the Week for the 25th of September)
« Last post by moleshow on September 25, 2017, 07:15:07 pm »
this one slides us further into the realm of all that is spooky and strange in the world of Rz, without explicitly plopping us down in, like... ghost and death and murder and Voice of Midnight-y kinds of things.

go forth! if you feel so inclined.
i dont have anything super wise or thoughtful to say about Duck Stab. since the more story-based stuff is what i'm into, i'm not sure what i even would have to say about it. it's good music! it's fun, it's atonal goodness. but i don't find it super interesting.
The very first bit of Residents music I ever heard was from Duck Stab. That's right... it's finally time to talk about my "origin story" as a Rz fan!

It was only about five or six years ago. I was browsing a website called "TV Tropes" which is a Wiki style website that catalogues various conventions and themes from media works. It's a highly addictive site at times, so some days I'd just spend hours browsing the site. Reading examples is entertaining and I would often use the site to find new works based on themes or tropes I liked. During this time I discovered many shows and other forms of media, especially catering to my ever-increasing love of the weird and surreal.

One day, I was browsing the Surreal Horror page which described... well, exactly what it sounds like. Nightmarish surrealism. Listed are things like David Lynch's movies, that one tunnel scene from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and my favorite anime series, Serial Experiments Lain. Anyway, on this particular day, I stumbled upon this entry in the "Music" section of the page:

Quote from: TV Tropes
The Residents. An avant-garde music group formed in the 1960's who have managed to stay anonymous throughout their whole career. Here's a taste. Besides the music itself, the music videos, video game and other creative output all serve to emphasize this.

Curious, I clicked on the link, ready to see how creepy and surreal these anonymous "Residents" guys really were. And there I was in my seat, watching this video, petrified in fear. What was I watching?! Who were these people?! That video was very scary and surreal and weird and did I mention SCARY? I closed the Youtube tab and continued exploring TV Tropes some more... that video was way too much for me. ...But something drew me back to that page. After a few days, or maybe it was a few weeks, I found myself going back to that page to discover that anonymous band again. I felt I was ready to explore more of their music. And so I began to explore and listened to the album that "Constantinople" song came from, one of their most popular albums, Duck Stab / Buster and Glen. I don't remember when I actually fell in love with The Residents... but here I am now.

Anywho, I really like this Duck Stab/Buster and Glen. Like a lot of The Residents' overall weirdness, the sound has kind of normalized so I don't really think these two sound creepy at all anymore... though I admit they don't sound "normal" by any means. Still, this is much more like "Residents pop music" than a big overarching multi-album story. So, I often use the songs from these two EPs to introduce people to The Residents... although they don't usually react in a positive way. I still remember the faces of discomfort people had as I played Constantinople as part of a class presentation on "avant-garde music". And as one of my friends responded to me once: "Birthday Boy: This song freaks me out. Never again. Never." Really? I mean... okay, that one is a little weird but most of these sound normal... right?!

Anywho, I'm not really going to talk about the meanings of the songs here since I think things like "Constantinople === Heaven?!?!" and "Krafty Cheese is a reference to Kraftwerk" and "Hello Skinny is about DRUGZ!" have been discussed to death. (Although I did hear the theory that Duck Stab/Buster and Glen is The Residents' way of "digesting" various musical artists which is pretty interesting... but I already said I wouldn't talk about the meanings!) So instead I'm going to just talk about how much I like these songs.

Constantinople will always have a soft spot in my heart for being the first Rz song I ever heard. Well... it's pretty great on its own merit too. I think Constantinople is one of the most "crazy" sounding songs of these two EPs (although other songs get close).

I really like the rhymes and tonal shift of Blue Rosebuds. I always wondered if the inclusion of the word "Eskimo" in the lyrics was related to the production of Eskimo in some way, whether it sparked the idea in the first place or it was slipped into the lyrics as they were researching all kinds of 100% true Eskimo facts. Interestingly enough, the Our Finest Flowers version doesn't have this line with it. Maybe they just couldn't fit another line of verse into the song though, I don't know for sure.

I just especially dig the very percussive nature of the lyrics in Elvis and His Boss. Not much to say here besides that I also wonder if it eventually led to Cube-E/King and Eye...

Birthday Boy... that one is definitely interesting. When listening to this album I sometimes skip it so this song sounds more special when I listen to it on my birthday. Also The Residents were quite ahead of their time, singing the "Birthday Song" before it was proven to be in the public domain! (They were clearly a bit more careful about this in The Voice of Midnight :P)

I love Krafty Cheese very much and I do not why in particular. I just love it very much and needed to comment about it.

The Electrocutioner may be my favorite song from this album. It is just fantastic. I think I'm just a sucker for songs that have a really intense moment before a calm fade out, like "Death Harvest" from The Ghost of Hope. I love the outro to this song. The lyrics are great and it just sounds amazing.

Alright, those are my very short comments on the songs of Duck Stab/Buster and Glen. Now I didn't comment on every song, but I really do love all of the songs on the album... I just had something specific I wanted to say about certain songs. :P While I have yet to successfully hook anyone into The Residents with this album, I'll surely be successful some time... right?
i think it sounds like it's not a Rz song because the vocalists are all seemingly unique to that song. the first portion sounds a bit like their cover of Satisfaction, but there isn't much else. the second section sounds like it could fit into the more recent Rz stuff if it were a bit more MIDI and a little clearer-sounding. but it's a weird one!
RZ General Board / Re: DOUBLE TROUBLE!
« Last post by marsellemusic on September 18, 2017, 10:36:07 pm »
We should pin that link and video
I gotta say Duck Stab was never my favorite record, since it seems very concerned with making "songs" and being accessible. I understand that's because I've always been very far gone though. Looking at it in the context and growth of the Residents discog, it's pretty remarkable. Two tracks always stuck out to me:

1) The Electrocutioner

Is this even a Rez song? By that I mean, what other song of theirs sounds like this? It's weird in the Rez context. Anybody know more about the background of this one. Either way I love it

2) Semolina

My personal favorite, and a song I point newcomers to because it's fun, stupid, and weird, without being scary.
RZ Project Talk / DUCK STAB!/BUSTER AND GLEN (Project of the Week for 18th of September)
« Last post by moleshow on September 18, 2017, 11:04:11 am »
i thought that, since we might as well head down a road of creepier and creepier albums/projects in the coming weeks, that it would be wise to go for this one. a Fan Favorite. so, voila! DUCK STAB! BUSTER AND GLEN!
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