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RZ General Board / A Thread About Projects of the Week
« Last post by moleshow on June 27, 2017, 01:32:47 pm »
what would you all want to discuss?

there are certain projects, like Sam's Enchanted Evening, that i would personally love to have as the PotW, but the content available from certain projects is minimal, to say the least. but what projects do you all have in mind?

PotWs will resume as normal next week with Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddle Masses. because america.
oh, i meant just taking a picture of the item or something.
freak show is no 959/1000
booklet, front mint condition
CDs in mint-

havent got a scanner
would you mind linking to imgur uploads of these?
RZ News and Non-News / Re: What's next Doc ?
« Last post by germainescalp on June 19, 2017, 04:06:27 pm »
Yes Future is Unwriten, and Klang Galerie announce a new release in autumn, so we will wait....
it is just that. Stars and Hank Forever.
this side of the album is actually why i bought it on vinyl- to hear it at 45rpm.

at 33rpm, i was mildly amused at best by it. but for some reason, hearing it sped up made it click. their dedication to replication is clearer here, and the whole side is practically dripping with an undeniable respect and adoration for Live at The Apollo. there is clearly rough experimentation throughout, but i would consider the James side to be one that sets the tone for future works- specifically the Black Barry section of Cube-E.

the addition of crowd noises actually makes it pretty exciting to listen to. it is, of course, at a faster pace than what was "intended", but the manic energy of the start of Night Train consistently manages to make me want to get up and dance.

about the album as a whole- it lays down a few stones in the "reflection of American culture through music" path that they started with their first few albums (TRnR, Eskimo, Commercial Album, MotM, you get the idea). while the music on this album may seem underwhelming to some, its importance cannot be stressed enough in the context of their future works. it would seem to me that the roughness is due to the fact that the Mole Show really beat them up pretty badly financially and they may have been eager to step away from storytelling for a hot minute (a hot minute, in this case, is 5 years.)

but more on that after the Hank side of Stars and Hank Forever.
RZ General Board / Re: The Residents in Japan
« Last post by moleshow on June 13, 2017, 03:09:39 pm »
i don't think US fans got those.

why is japan always so good at merch? i would easily fight someone for that poster. and they just give it out for free.

this merch famine is wrecking me.
RZ News and Non-News / Re: What's next Doc ?
« Last post by moleshow on June 13, 2017, 03:06:49 pm »
well, i assume they're working on a couple of things.

-we've heard talk of two new albums, so that.
-Double Trouble, which is probably taking a while because movies is hard. a storyboard frame was posted, although it didn't really circulate because of the source (Leigh Barbier's instagram)
-the God in Three Persons stage production... which is also going to take a while. they have to workshop various pieces of it... but they're working with Travis Chamberlain on it, which is incredibly exciting because they worked with him for Sam's Enchanted Evening (<3 <3 <3)
-assorted videos for Ghost of Hope, which we WERE promised. i assume the techniques used are going to be new ones, and the videos won't be... well, traditional.
-and of course, they have to get ready for In Between Dreams.

on the topic of a physical release of Sam's Enchanted Evening, i know damn well they have footage of it. that being said, the only fan that owns a physical copy of it is forbidden to share it.

that image alone brings forth a primal hunger in me.

but, a Mole Show DVD reissue would be nice too, i guess. that being said, i NEED to see footage of Sam's Enchanted Evening as a whole. it would be nice to see footage from the shows that went down in.... i wanna say Brooklyn? because they were different and changed on a night-to-night basis. from what i have seen and heard, it really carves out a deep, gaping hole in my soul. it cuts deep.
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