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RZ Buy/Sell/Trade / Talking Light Shows
« Last post by Lisa Jennings on December 20, 2017, 05:38:50 am »
I have found another of my partners Residents collection, a folder of CDs containing the Talking Light Shows. These were uploaded by The Residents and available to purchase at the time, and he burnt them to CD.
All 2xCD
90 cd's in all

If anyone is interested please PM me with your offer, any sensible offer will be accepted, as I really don't want to throw them away.
RZ Project Talk / Re: PROJECT OF THE WEEK (18th of December): SANTA DOG (1972)
« Last post by goatie on December 18, 2017, 09:00:11 pm »
The first Meet The Residents CD had the original Santa Dog as bonus tracks, and that's how I first heard it (other than the short samples of each Dog on RzWeb).  This was among my first batch of Rz albums, and I distinctly remember liking Santa Dog more than the album.  (I suppose I still do, but back then I know my feelings on Meet were "well, I like that piano piece in the middle but not much else."  These days I like a few more songs.)

I suppose I was struck most by the sharp contrast in musical ability.  Santa Dog is so much more competent, and knowing it was from a year or two earlier made me think they had taken a step backwards (this was way before I learned that much of Santa Dog is sampled, so of course the musicianship is better).  I had also heard about some mysterious four unreleased albums, and I figured that's what Meet was: a compilation of the best(?) bits from those, because they had to get an album out and they had nothing.  But I digress, let's talk some dogs...

"Fire" is pure and lovely, and nobody can take that away (not even if you retool it to be a theme song for a Comedy Central cartoon).  Surfy goodness that's sure to please everybody.  Fun fact: I was in a high school play and they wanted cast members to get on the PA system in the morning to advertise it over the course of a week, so I wrote new lyrics to "Fire" and sang it with two friends for the whole school.  We weren't asked back. 

"Explosion" and "Lightning" have had their names swapped on different releases, so I honestly don't know which is which.  But I like them both, with the one with groovy organ to percussion to "when everyone lives in the future" edging out as my preferred track.  It's very often randomly playing in my head (that and "Smokebeams" from Tunes of Two Cities seem to be my default internal soundtrack).

And as for "Aircraft Damage" - this is our first real taste of how The Residents love to play with the sounds and rhythm of language.  This really appealed to me at the time, and while it's probably not responsible for my degree in Linguistics, The Residents and I were definitely kindred spirits, just separated by a quarter century of time.  Oh, if only I'd known you way back when... I'd have been running your website for over 20 years now.  Yikes.
RZ General Board / Re: I'm a Resident
« Last post by moleshow on December 18, 2017, 11:03:11 am »
i have no idea. im wondering about that myself.
RZ Project Talk / SANTA DOG '72 (Project of the Week for 18th of December)
« Last post by Meisekimiu on December 18, 2017, 11:00:21 am »
Ho! Ho! Ho! In the beginning, there was... SANTA DOG! And perfection ends when life begins.

(Please keep discussion mainly to Santa Dog '72... we'll have plenty of time to discuss the other dogs later)
RZ General Board / Re: I'm a Resident
« Last post by Jamslam on December 13, 2017, 03:23:23 pm »
So who is voting on the submissions? Are fans voting for top submissions or are the cryptics? I thought I read somewhere that fans will get to vote, but I don't see that specific information when re reading everything.
RZ General Board / Re: in between dreams
« Last post by Homeslice on December 11, 2017, 08:29:12 am »
I was at the Paris show.

Short story is....I loved it.

I missed out seeing the wonder of weird in London, and have been itching to see the "touring group" incarnation of the Res since then. When this came up I sold it to the wife as a trip to Paris for my birthday :)

I've been aware of the Res as long as I can remember, to the point that I can't say for sure how I first became aware of them. It was probably TTRR or the Commercial album I first heard. Or I saw them on TV.

Anyway, I was reminded of them at a company I worked at in the early 90s that had the Apple QuickTime 1.0 CDROMs. Hidden in these were some one minute movies from the commercial album, in glorious 320x 200 or something like that.

This started me back into them, and I picked up GI3P in the library of all places that me started collecting. Favourites are Intermission, the Commercial album, and absolute top is GI3P. I also got really into Freak Show, Heaven and Hell, and snake finger solo albums in the 90s.

I jumped at the chance to see them in London for the Wormwood tour. TBH I was really disappointed. Maybe the failing is mine, but I found the amateur play acting qualities detracted from the atmosphere and music, but I love the Res and can accept that maybe I wasn't travelling with them on this trip.

After that I drifted away for a bit, but was drawn back a few years after demons dance alone to appreciate their immense output in the 21 century. I loved the voice of midnight and just dipping into various new works, compilations and reworkings.

Which brings us to RCB and the new touring Res. I personally love that the Res now go out and put on a show. To me it seems a good balance of the old creative and narrative focus and the needs of a modern touring out fit. If it means I can see them several times over as many years until they (he!) retires, and they get some money to continue, well I for one am excited and happy to see them.

One small thing I did see a difference in is the merch. In 99, I didn't like the show, but walked away with a beautiful silkscreen poster of benny the bump. This time there were more typical tour offerings such as the cds ( I'm really only going to go for vinyl as a purchase for the most part), and some shirts (where I was very happy to get a shirt of the new plague mask and suit look). So, would prefer more art to,buy, but perhaps that no longer sells.

Anyway. The gig itself was amazing. Lots of screaming, but it seemed to make sense. EDF(?) and NC(?) make great Res, and I am happy to consider them as paid up members. Great sound, great history. Dunno who the drummer was...but yes, a tight touring group with a blues/guitar/noise version of Res work does it for me, and everyone gave it their all....

May you carry on.

RZ General Board / Re: in between dreams
« Last post by moleshow on December 06, 2017, 10:55:23 am »
you wanna elaborate on that? haha

what stood out to you about it? anything grab you by the heart and/or soul?
RZ General Board / Re: in between dreams
« Last post by Grady on December 05, 2017, 07:02:40 pm »
Paris was my first ever Residents show. Yes it had an impact.
RZ Project Talk / Re: PROJECT OF THE WEEK (15th of November): THE THIRD REICH 'N ROLL
« Last post by moleshow on December 04, 2017, 11:17:29 am »
(Jumping off from a discussion of MTR...)

Their methods of using blunt and easily misinterpreted concepts continue on here for The Third Reich ‘n’ Roll. Due to the globally upsetting nature of Nazi imagery, it’s not outlandish to say that while they may not be addressing a specific audience, they were looking to shock them. At this point in their discography, their main focus, visually speaking, was on the use and distortion of topics and imagery that hold great emotional power for a large number of people.

Dressing the still-relevant radio host Dick Clark as Hitler allowed for reactions on two levels, depending on the audience. The first, a reaction of shock and perhaps repulsion at the abundance of Nazi imagery displayed on the cover. The second, though, contextualizes that imagery. Since the album consists of blended covers of the hooks of hits from the 1960s, the assumption could be made that they were referring to the music industry as being fascist in nature, lead by charming hosts. Like Dick Clark. These individuals take up positions akin to those of prophets or preachers- mouthpieces for the God-figure that is the music industry. They bring these figures down from their elevated positions and strip them of their seemingly untouchable identities. As they are a creation of the culture, The Residents treat them as they would anything else created by it while paying no mind to the social boundaries it has set.

The liner notes contain a cheeky note from The Residents’ managing entity that would seem to confirm this assumption, describing the album as a “tribute to the thousands of little power-mad minds in the music industry who have helped make us what we are today, with an open eye on what we can make them tomorrow.” This gives us access to a more in-depth view of what goes on beneath the music.

In this case, The Residents use themselves as a filter through which the music of the previous decade passes. They recontextualize the music by exposing it to the scrutiny of their own inclinations and their own artistic drive, but also by packaging it in a shocking (yet lighthearted, and perhaps even humorous) manner. The music being covered gains a more serious, critical air to it when its creators (and its creation) is equated with the mindsets and creations of the Nazis.

But they use this idea as a point from which they can jump off- seeing the true ugliness of a thing, a manifestation and execution of that which is exceptionally and horrifically twisted within us- one can only go so far down before you hit the bottom. And they seem to paint the musical crimes of the past as a standard of what must be avoided. They look to it and seem to ask “what can we do better?” The music they create is a critique of the culture that produced it as much as it is an example of what stands to grow from it.
RZ Polls / Re: Your Favourite Classic Era Residents Album
« Last post by Snorp on December 04, 2017, 10:45:20 am »
Autumn bump
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