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Certainly looks interesting. Makes me wonder what kind of following the Rezzies have in Japan.
XXX Residents - Attack of the Killer Black Eyeball

Album Title: Attack of the Killer Black Eyeball
Artist: XXX Residents
Release Year: 2009

Purchase Links: | | Tower Records (JP only)
(I don't usually explicitly say this but... you may be able to listen to some songs on Youtube if you find them)

Alright, enough of the safe Ralph selections for our album club! Time to get a bit more crazy... and yet still definitely Residential. Obviously this isn't an actual Residents album so it'll never be Project of the Week, so let's discuss it here!

Have you heard of this strange Japanese Residents remix album before? If not, why not try giving it a listen? It might not exactly be the kind of music most people who come to a Residents forum are exactly searching for, but hey, it's easier to tap your foot to this than the wind.

Do you have a recommendation for the next Fine Flower we should discuss? Private message me the album info as well as your own introduction to the album and maybe it'll be the next one we talk about?!
Songs for Swinging Larvae is definitely an interesting one. It's definitely very weird and wacky, but there's something about it that sets it apart from The Residents and other Ralph weirdness. Overall, I still think I like Arabic Yodeling more than Larvae, but this album definitely has some great songs. I obviously have to mention "Is Guava a Donut?" in particular. That song speaks to my soul somehow. It is insanely well made, catchy, and somehow personal and weird all at the same time. I really dig it. It sounds like a fake conversation I'd come up with in my head.

This is definitely a great album. It transports you to this very surreal world, which means it isn't one that I can just listen to any day of the week, but when I do listen to it I really love it and find new things to appreciate every time.
The Residents have an international following.

They have 101,000 fans on Facebook alone.

There is no way you’d ever get an accurate estimate on a question like this. Well, maybe if you were a lucky guesser. My best guess is there are 700,000 people who would call themselves Residents fans.
RZ General Board / How many Residents fans do you think there are worldwide?
« Last post by Saint_Alfonso on February 26, 2018, 08:04:35 pm »
I was trying to figure out exactly how large the Residents fanbase is. They have around 24 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, and 9,000 followers on Twitter, but I think they might have a larger audience than that. (Okay, maybe not MUCH larger, but still...)

Some of their songs on youtube have hundreds of thousands of views, but since people listen to songs multiple times and some listeners might just be curious outsiders and not dedicated fans, that may not be a great tool for estimation. But I still think the Residents fan base has to be a bit larger than we give it credit for - maybe somewhere in the range of 25-40 thousand people?

Being able to find their total album sales would be helpful to predict it - I'm sure Cryptic has that information somewhere on file, but I don't think any of it is public. It would also nice to know if the fanbase is growing, and how quickly. 

Does anyone have any other information on this?
Renaldo and the Loaf - Songs for Swinging Larvae

Album Title: Songs for Swinging Larvae
Artist: Renaldo and the Loaf
Release Year: 1981

Purchase Links: Amazon MP3 | Klanggalerie Physical | Klanggalerie Bandcamp

Behold! The album that (apparently) made Penn Jillette snap and finally become a fan of Ralph Records! This is the first official album put out by Renaldo and the Loaf and it's definitely a wacky and surreal one to start off with! Let's question the donut-like qualities of guavas and more in this installment of Finest Flowers Album Club!

Do you have a recommendation for the next Fine Flower we should discuss? Private message me the album info as well as your own introduction to the album and maybe it'll be the next one we talk about?!

I think Manual of Errors may be my favorite Snakefinger album, but Chewing Hides the Sound has so many great tracks! His cover of Kraftwerk's The Model is the song that actually made me a Snakefinger fan, outside of his guitar work on The Residents albums. I originally heard it in some bonus CD that had a live radio show recorded on it, and that was one of the songs they played. At that point I realized I really needed to check out Snakefinger's work.

I really love Here Comes The Bums. Part of it is just that I associate the song with The Residents' Shadowland tour, but it is a really good song. I love the vocal distortion... it is quite catchy and surreal at the same time. It has that kind of "Beatnik Party" vibe that Snakefinger seemed to really like. Also to note, I like reference to Henry Darger's The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinian War Storm Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion in the song The Vivian Girls. Well, I assume that's a reference anyway.

The only other track I really have anything to say about is Picnic in the Jungle. It is a really awesome track. It was probably the first song from a Snakefinger album I'd ever heard, although the Rz cover from the WoW show was what first helped me discover the song in the first place. I'd say it's probably my favorite song from the album, but The Model is pretty great too.

Overall, I love Chewing Hides The Sound! It's such a great album!
RZ General Board / Re: Comix
« Last post by Vinegar Teeth on January 26, 2018, 05:38:11 pm »
I second zebehnn's sentiment; thank you for sharing these links.
RZ General Board / Re: DOUBLE TROUBLE!
« Last post by Vinegar Teeth on January 26, 2018, 05:05:27 pm »
I did not know about this until just now and I can safely say that I'm more excited for this than anything I've ever been excited for in my entire life. Does anyone know if there's a projected release date for this film? Obviously it's currently at a point where it might not even get actually made, but has anyone involved in it said anything to the effect of, if the project does go forth, what year might see its release?


also, this really has a very wonderful feeling to it- as if the Rz seeped into the world and were the undercurrent for all happenings.

I love that turn of phrase and I agree with you. (And a world where the Residents were in fact underlying everything that happens is a world I would very much want to live in.)
april 6th, in schan fuhranschisco.
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