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RZ General Board / Re: Account of the events at the 4/22 Residents show
« Last post by goatie on April 25, 2018, 12:30:10 pm »
I'm very glad you were able to have an adventure of sorts, even if it didn't go according to plan.  But you've got a story, and get to impress other Residents nerds with the fact that you were at the infamous Brooklyn show.

Some day there will be full Residents for you.  You probably can't suddenly decide to have another adventure to Philadelphia (or even better Atlanta) but more things will happen, I'm sure.
RZ General Board / Account of the events at the 4/22 Residents show
« Last post by banshee on April 24, 2018, 10:02:17 pm »
Hi everybody! Here is my sad tale of the early closing of The Resident's 4/22/18 show at the Murmurr theatre in Brooklyn, which I'm sure you've all heard about by now.

Allllll day on Sunday I was essentially buzzing with nervous energy but I was super excited because it was my very first Residents show! I've been a fan for years and yet the opportunity to actually see a show kept evading me. My girlfriend (who is not a Residents fan but came with me, bless her) and I made the two-and-some hour trek from our university into Brooklyn. I met up with everybody's favorite friend Goatie there. He asked how the adventure getting there was and I said, "Everything went according to plan! Let's just hope everything continues to go according to plan". Which, like, foreshadowing much?!

Anyway, before I say anything else I wanna say I had a ton of fun at the show while it lasted!!!! It was a fantastic experience and I loved relishing in the fact that everyone in the room knew who The Residents were for once, lol. Tyrone, Eekie, Erkie, and Cha-Cha were AMAZING as to be expected! When I heard the first strains of "It's a Man's Man's Man's World", my soul slipped the surly bonds of earth and touched the face of God. It was absolutely surreal to be there! A dream come true, no pun intended.

In the middle of one of the blues section, I noticed something was up when Eekie was making gestures like, annoyed/confused at the sound people, or at least where I assume the sound people were. He kept kneeling down at the thing at his feet and adjusting it, which he did a few times but he started really going at it then. He put his hands over his eyes to see better and then made kind of a "wtf??" gesture and the continued fiddling with it. Then someone walked up to Tyrone and whispered in his ear and The Residents shuffled offstage.

A good amount of people started clapping the way the crowd does at a concert when they want an encore, because that's what everyone figured it was! I don't think it even crossed anybody's minds that the show was about to be cancelled. However, I knew the show couldn't possibly be over yet-- I knew there was at least one more dream because I remembered reading that there was a dream with John Wayne they hadn't shown yet so I was like... what the **** is going on!!!

Then, Tyrone came on stage and told us "The neighbors called the police with a noise complaint, and they're threatening to take away our equipment. Three cheers for the neighbors! Someone shouted "**** the neighbors!" I think Tyrone also made a comment about the show maybe being over, but I'm not sure. Then he said, "we'll be back" and walked offstage again.

Then a few minutes later, someone who I assume was the venue security came on stage and confirmed that the show was over and I wandered around distraught. Admittedly, I teared up a tiny bit! It seemed that everyone else was kind of feeling the same way. I was standing by the stage waiting for some kind of information when none other than spokesperson Homer Flynn appeared. The air was forcibly removed from my body. I told him it was an honor to meet him and asked for a picture and he said "If you make it quick! My family's waitin' for me." We took the picture and I said "I'm sorry!" because I felt bad for bothering him, but I think he thought I was referring to the concert and said "aren't we all!" He seemed pretty (VERY understandably!) annoyed. Even then I was kinda like.... in denial, but then I saw other Residents crew like Nolan Cook (who I also got to meet! He was very nice and had a notably strong handshake.) starting to remove stuff from the stage. And I knew it was over...  :(

We left and my GF kept making jokes about "you know where you should move if you want peace and quiet? **** NEW YORK CITY! NEXT TO A CONCERT VENUE!" very loudly where the cops could hear lol. Everyone seemed very bummed and annoyed, either or both, of course not with the Residents at all! But with the stupid no fun allowed party pooping ****-for-brains neighbors.

We went home and I mourned the lost of the like, 40-odd percent of the show I couldn't see. One day I'll see a full Residents show and then I'll have seen 1 and 3/5ths of a show lol
RZ Lyrics / Hungry Hound
« Last post by moleshow on April 23, 2018, 11:14:39 am »
this is the clearest audio i've found so far. what's it sound like to y'all? there's bits that i just cannot figure out for the LIFE of me!
RZ General Board / Re: OH, WHAT'S THIS?
« Last post by moleshow on April 21, 2018, 09:50:23 pm »
randy, as far as we know, is doing... badly
RZ General Board / Re: OH, WHAT'S THIS?
« Last post by ADeadlyFriend on April 21, 2018, 08:48:42 pm »
Sounds interesting. But that last sentence about it being told by an alcoholic writer who's wife recently left him makes me wonder if Randy's doing okay. It might just be a framing device, but still.
RZ General Board / WB RMX Liner Notes
« Last post by FrenesiGates on April 21, 2018, 03:29:22 pm »
How many of you are aware that there were extensive liner notes written for the Japanese edition of WB: RMX? They were written by Manabu Yuasa

MeWee, here is the link with the images. They're pretty small, so this might be impossible.
RZ General Board / OH, WHAT'S THIS?
« Last post by moleshow on April 21, 2018, 12:04:38 am »
RZ Project Talk / pREServed
« Last post by TheSleeper on April 20, 2018, 12:41:52 am »
Didn't seem to find a discussion thread for the pREServed editions so I thought I'd make one. I just got MTR and 3RnR in the mail today (yea, 3+ months after i ordered them), and listened to the MTR one for the whooooole night (took tiny breaks between LP sides like I usually do)
Here's my small review of it

RZ General Board / Re: On The Topic of Interviews
« Last post by moleshow on April 18, 2018, 10:47:25 am »
yeah, i can see that a lot of these are for people who either aren't aware of the rz or only know about the first 5 albums. but as a fan, it kind of makes me wish for more. like, even some kind of discussion among fans would be cool.

man, i know the rz are done with podcasts, but like.. as a fan? what i wouldn't GIVE to have a Project of The Week style thing.. in audio form. gosh. wouldn't THAT be nice. (life WOULD be wonderful..)
RZ General Board / Re: On The Topic of Interviews
« Last post by Meisekimiu on April 17, 2018, 11:05:43 pm »
I've found pretty much all the ones I've listened to at least have some basic etiquette: making sure to always refer to them as "they" or "The Residents" instead of confusing them with any specific people. Today's interview was pretty aggravating since the production seemed very unprofessional (like... why wouldn't you edit out the bit where Captain Doc was dealing with construction noise? And HOW was the CD playback that horrible? Did you rub your CDs down with sandpaper and take a hammer to the equipment or something?!). I will say the guy kind of had an excuse with being kinda Clifford-ish since the show's scope was focused on 60's-70's music, but still, you can't like, read their wikipedia page a few times before interviewing a spokesperson?! I feel like the Japanese WAVE interviews went more smoothly and were more respectful, since Homer Flynn tends to use big words and complex sentences that are hard to translate!

To a certain degree I understand specific aspects of most of these radio shows; they tend to play specific tracks to demonstrate how weird The Residents are while also needing to stay safe enough to not freak out people who just wanted to listen to some NPR over their lunch break. Also, most of these hosts just aren't mega fans of The Residents who know exactly what to ask and what to play along with and how great all the albums after the commercial album are.
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