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RZ General Board / WB RMX Liner Notes
« Last post by FrenesiGates on April 21, 2018, 03:29:22 pm »
How many of you are aware that there were extensive liner notes written for the Japanese edition of WB: RMX? They were written by Manabu Yuasa

MeWee, here is the link with the images. They're pretty small, so this might be impossible.
RZ General Board / OH, WHAT'S THIS?
« Last post by moleshow on April 21, 2018, 12:04:38 am »
RZ Project Talk / pREServed
« Last post by TheSleeper on April 20, 2018, 12:41:52 am »
Didn't seem to find a discussion thread for the pREServed editions so I thought I'd make one. I just got MTR and 3RnR in the mail today (yea, 3+ months after i ordered them), and listened to the MTR one for the whooooole night (took tiny breaks between LP sides like I usually do)
Here's my small review of it

RZ General Board / Re: On The Topic of Interviews
« Last post by moleshow on April 18, 2018, 10:47:25 am »
yeah, i can see that a lot of these are for people who either aren't aware of the rz or only know about the first 5 albums. but as a fan, it kind of makes me wish for more. like, even some kind of discussion among fans would be cool.

man, i know the rz are done with podcasts, but like.. as a fan? what i wouldn't GIVE to have a Project of The Week style thing.. in audio form. gosh. wouldn't THAT be nice. (life WOULD be wonderful..)
RZ General Board / Re: On The Topic of Interviews
« Last post by Meisekimiu on April 17, 2018, 11:05:43 pm »
I've found pretty much all the ones I've listened to at least have some basic etiquette: making sure to always refer to them as "they" or "The Residents" instead of confusing them with any specific people. Today's interview was pretty aggravating since the production seemed very unprofessional (like... why wouldn't you edit out the bit where Captain Doc was dealing with construction noise? And HOW was the CD playback that horrible? Did you rub your CDs down with sandpaper and take a hammer to the equipment or something?!). I will say the guy kind of had an excuse with being kinda Clifford-ish since the show's scope was focused on 60's-70's music, but still, you can't like, read their wikipedia page a few times before interviewing a spokesperson?! I feel like the Japanese WAVE interviews went more smoothly and were more respectful, since Homer Flynn tends to use big words and complex sentences that are hard to translate!

To a certain degree I understand specific aspects of most of these radio shows; they tend to play specific tracks to demonstrate how weird The Residents are while also needing to stay safe enough to not freak out people who just wanted to listen to some NPR over their lunch break. Also, most of these hosts just aren't mega fans of The Residents who know exactly what to ask and what to play along with and how great all the albums after the commercial album are.
RZ General Board / On The Topic of Interviews
« Last post by moleshow on April 17, 2018, 01:53:13 pm »
you ever notice how rz-related interviews always seem to be conducted by these... really kind of bumblebutt kinds of hosts? they always seem to get Cryptic mixed up with The Residents and never seem to move beyond the first 5 albums. it's bothersome.

i guess that's why the BOGcast was so appealing. it's one of those things that, regardless of potential for success, i think something like it should be brought back. (now, personally, if i had the proper recording equipment and so on, i'd lend myself to such a task... but that's for another day.)

anyone else agree or am i just shaking my fist at clouds ad infinitum and ad nauseum?
I'll be at both the Chicago shows!
Any other buddys wanna meetup before the show?
two words: i died
really though, WOW! what a setlist! what a SHOW! the sights and sounds.

it's loud as all hell but in the most wonderful way. cha-cha is really bouncy and adorable.

also the merch is top notch, 10/10 buy or die.

shenanigans occurred too but they aren't currently relevant. if you miss this tour... hoo BOY will you be sore about it. so dont do it. dont miss it.
I got back from San Francisco this morning where I... didn't see the shows.  I was there, and I heard a chunk of the second one, but was called into unofficial service more than usual.  Which is fine and I wouldn't change it up any (other than having more information from the start so that I could be more efficient in my planning).

I usually help out at the merch stand before and after the show, and can be a runner for random needs ("get some tape!"  "change these twenties into fives and tens!"  "holy crap watch the booth while I fight this interdimensional demon!").  I attend several shows, so my rule is usually to watch the first show and any where the merch stand is well separated from the audience area.  Otherwise I'll probably stay near the merch because I've already seen the show and I'm more into visiting with friends anyway.

San Francisco had some interesting things going on.  The merch stand was kind of separated, but not really.  Mama Ralph was there, and I hardly got to see her the last time, so that leaned me towards missing the performance.  And the biggest one was the new merch guy.  His name is Rob and he's great, but the first few nights are going to be hectic for anyone, so it made more sense for me to stay nearby.

The door into the performance space was right in front of the merch stand, and on the second night the venue wanted to open it to facilitate airflow.  I was by myself at the stand at the time (Rob and Mama were doing a resupply from the bus) so the venue asked me if it was okay.  I was like "sure" because I want the audience to be comfortable, but also it meant I would get to see a little bit of the show if I craned my neck.

The very few moments I saw are making me really excited about finally seeing the show properly when it gets to the east coast.  TOUR WHY YOU TAKE SO LONG TO GET HERE?
Hmmm....New Jersey to the middle of Brooklyn and back on a Sunday night?  Ugh.  Haven't missed a tour in many years so I'll probably do it.
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