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I want to go to the Minneapolis show, but I can't find anyone who can go with me.  I mean I could go by myself, but a young twenty-something alone in a big city for the first time? That's a recipe for disaster.
The North American tour is starting in just a few months! Let's get hyped! Who's going to see the shows? If you're going, which show(s) are you going to see? It'd be nice to see if any forum members are going to the show you're going to!

I'll be going to the Salt Lake City show, and it seems like that'll be the only one I'm gonna be going to unless they add a Phoenix show (which they should totally do btw). I'll also be bringing a special friend who isn't really a Rz fan at all but... well, they decided to go with me anyway.  ;D
Wonderful album!

The Model
Kill The Great Raven   
Jesus Was A Leprechaun   
Here Comes The Bums   
The Vivian Girls   
Magic And Ecstasy   
Who Is The Culprit And Who Is The Victim?   
What Wilbur?   
Picnic In The Jungle   
Friendly Warning   
I Love Mary   
The Vultures Of Bombay
Hello! Welcome to the first Finest Flowers Album Club post! These topics will be like Project of the Week, but will focus on albums not by The Residents. "Flowers" will run for about 2 weeks each, with one being posted on the first and one being posted on the fifteenth of each month. Please submit ideas for future albums to discuss as well, whether it be an album by a Ralph artist, an artist who's been known to be a big influence to The Residents, or just a random cool album you think people should check out!

Snakefinger - Chewing Hides The Sound

Album Title: Chewing Hides The Sound
Artist: Snakefinger
Release Year: 1979

Purchase Links: Klanggalerie

How could we not start with Snakefinger?! When I think "Ralph Artists who aren't The Residents", there are quite a few artists who pop into my head, but there are only a couple who really stand out to me in particular. One of those artists is Snakefinger, although honestly it's a bit inaccurate... to some degree he really was one of The Residents (By the way, we'll be getting to the duo who also stands out to me in particular eventually as well!). Songs on this album were written with The Residents, so really this could almost fit into standard Project of the Week territory!

Anyway, Chewing Hides the Sound is Snakefinger's debut album. It contains songs which pretty much any diehard Rz fan should recognize. What are your thoughts on it?

Do you have a recommendation for the next Fine Flower we should discuss? Private message me the album info as well as your own introduction to the album and maybe it'll be the next one we talk about?!
Fan Words / Re: A Thread For Introductions
« Last post by ADeadlyFriend on January 13, 2018, 03:40:24 pm »
RZ General Board / Re: Rezhead Berserk Button?
« Last post by Meisekimiu on January 13, 2018, 03:35:29 pm »
Not only do I too hate the "were they on drugs?" comments, but I also hate that people assume the fans are on drugs while listening to the music. Like, come on, I'm way too pretentious for drugs!  ;)
Fan Words / Re: A Thread For Introductions
« Last post by Meisekimiu on January 13, 2018, 03:34:16 pm »
Welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum!
RZ General Board / Rezhead Berserk Button?
« Last post by ADeadlyFriend on January 09, 2018, 09:00:37 pm »
I don't know many Residents fans in real life, so this is my first time talking to other fans and I'm curious: What's an assumption or misconception people have about the Residents that won't fail to make us mad? For me it's assuming they were drugged up while writing the songs.
Fan Words / Re: A Thread For Introductions
« Last post by ADeadlyFriend on January 09, 2018, 08:39:59 pm »
Hi, I'm ADeadlyFriend but you can call me "Deadly" if you want. I'm a 20-year-old Residents fan living in a Wisconsin town you'd have never heard of if you didn't live in it, and have been fan for a year as of last September. Aside from the Residents I enjoy tokusatsu and various manga. One day I hope to publish my own comics and design monsters for Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. When it comes to my favorite RZ project, it would be easier to decide my favorite hole in a sponge, but I do love Demons Dance Alone.
RZ Project of the Week / Re: THE 12 DAY BRUMALIA EXTRAVAGANZA 2017-2018
« Last post by Meisekimiu on January 01, 2018, 12:16:18 pm »
I'm gonna be honest... I've never actually listened to Brumalia. I was waiting for the holiday season!

Anyway, Day 8 makes my suspicions that The Residents really love Jelly Jack as a song even stronger. Which is cool because I love it too.
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