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this week's PotW is courtesy of goatie since i sure as hell couldn't decide what should be the project this week.

while the little condensed versions are expertly put together, what really interests me is the Roosevelt section- History Mystery.

the Teds songs are just so particularly wonderful! with the knowledge that it was going to be about two Teds who were halves of a whole, it makes for some interesting ways once could interpret the Teds tracks. of course, working with so little makes theorizing utterly pointless. but Teddy and Struggle manage to be some of the catchiest songs that the Rz have ever made, in my opinion. Teddy, and all versions of it, have a really nasty, dirty kind of rhythm. i'm very much into it. the lyrical content is similarly sludgey. sorta sticks to my brain. one bit that i am super fond of is this:

He didn't need much money, but he needed me... a lot.

that was always super good.

that being said, i super-duper love tracks that aren't from The Teds. tracks like Siren Song (of the Shrunken Head) and Ugly Beauty create such vivid imagery, especially the latter. there is something about the strange storytelling in it that calls to mind Buckaroo Blues. the part that grabs me the most is this:

And I guess it's also true, I may come back to you. And what you see, and what you do, and what you think you do. But I'll be mine inside the blindness that we have to live, but I'll still smile my smile for you and give what I can give.

there is a gentleness in the lyrical delivery that reminds me, somehow, of Toddler's Lullaby. i really, really like it.

plus, this section made way for the release of Roosevelt 2.0, which has some of the craziest packaging i've ever seen. really cool stuff.

RZ Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Bunny Boy Comic
« on: July 09, 2017, 11:07:04 am »
sorry to hear about the passing of your partner. :(

could you list your email on your post?

that was a wonderful little story! lovesit

in honor of """"America"""", this one seemed fitting.  the History Mystery section seems the most rich in terms of discussion, but hey... that's just my opinion. disregard it.

RZ General Board / A Thread About Projects of the Week
« on: June 27, 2017, 01:32:47 pm »
what would you all want to discuss?

there are certain projects, like Sam's Enchanted Evening, that i would personally love to have as the PotW, but the content available from certain projects is minimal, to say the least. but what projects do you all have in mind?

PotWs will resume as normal next week with Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddle Masses. because america.

oh, i meant just taking a picture of the item or something.

would you mind linking to imgur uploads of these?

it is just that. Stars and Hank Forever.

this side of the album is actually why i bought it on vinyl- to hear it at 45rpm.

at 33rpm, i was mildly amused at best by it. but for some reason, hearing it sped up made it click. their dedication to replication is clearer here, and the whole side is practically dripping with an undeniable respect and adoration for Live at The Apollo. there is clearly rough experimentation throughout, but i would consider the James side to be one that sets the tone for future works- specifically the Black Barry section of Cube-E.

the addition of crowd noises actually makes it pretty exciting to listen to. it is, of course, at a faster pace than what was "intended", but the manic energy of the start of Night Train consistently manages to make me want to get up and dance.

about the album as a whole- it lays down a few stones in the "reflection of American culture through music" path that they started with their first few albums (TRnR, Eskimo, Commercial Album, MotM, you get the idea). while the music on this album may seem underwhelming to some, its importance cannot be stressed enough in the context of their future works. it would seem to me that the roughness is due to the fact that the Mole Show really beat them up pretty badly financially and they may have been eager to step away from storytelling for a hot minute (a hot minute, in this case, is 5 years.)

but more on that after the Hank side of Stars and Hank Forever.

RZ General Board / Re: The Residents in Japan
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:09:39 pm »
i don't think US fans got those.

why is japan always so good at merch? i would easily fight someone for that poster. and they just give it out for free.

this merch famine is wrecking me.

RZ News and Non-News / Re: What's next Doc ?
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:06:49 pm »
well, i assume they're working on a couple of things.

-we've heard talk of two new albums, so that.
-Double Trouble, which is probably taking a while because movies is hard. a storyboard frame was posted, although it didn't really circulate because of the source (Leigh Barbier's instagram)
-the God in Three Persons stage production... which is also going to take a while. they have to workshop various pieces of it... but they're working with Travis Chamberlain on it, which is incredibly exciting because they worked with him for Sam's Enchanted Evening (<3 <3 <3)
-assorted videos for Ghost of Hope, which we WERE promised. i assume the techniques used are going to be new ones, and the videos won't be... well, traditional.
-and of course, they have to get ready for In Between Dreams.

on the topic of a physical release of Sam's Enchanted Evening, i know damn well they have footage of it. that being said, the only fan that owns a physical copy of it is forbidden to share it.

that image alone brings forth a primal hunger in me.

but, a Mole Show DVD reissue would be nice too, i guess. that being said, i NEED to see footage of Sam's Enchanted Evening as a whole. it would be nice to see footage from the shows that went down in.... i wanna say Brooklyn? because they were different and changed on a night-to-night basis. from what i have seen and heard, it really carves out a deep, gaping hole in my soul. it cuts deep.

NOW.... we move on to the James side of George and James.

pretty simple stuff, i'd say.

since i'm not much into the originals, the covers that make up this side don't really do much at all for me. that being said, i enjoy the presence of this side of the album in the context of Bobuck's later, solo works. his experimentation with pre-existing music and his inclination towards utilizing present technology to execute ideas comes through loud and clear.

but, outside of that... i dunno. it's not something i'm super into.


with the PotW being the American Composer Series, one may ask: all at once? to which the answer is nope.

this week is specifically about Side A of George and James. the George side. next week will be the James side. then, after that, we'll move to Stars and Hank Forever and do the same thing. hopefully that explains "Part 1 of 4".

(i forgot to mention that this one is extended because i need some time to think on what to do for upcoming PotWs.)

i feel like this album is an album for hotter, sunnier days.

and the days are hot and sunny.

RZ Project Talk / Re: PROJECT OF THE WEEK (8th of May): ICKY FLIX
« on: May 15, 2017, 12:46:36 am »
Icky Flix was sort of a marker in terms of the timeline of my rz obsession. my friend told me that she had seen it in her parent's basement and i went on over and we watched it.

i think what im interested in is mainly the live renditions- the whole operation has always been strangely interesting to me. it all feels like i'm not seeing some aspect of it, some piece of the inspiration for the project, some part of the creative process. and that's fun. according to the Kettles of Fish DVD, the theme for Singing Resident and Molly's costumes was "beauty and the beast". i just thought that was interesting- i'm not sure that it holds much relevance to the content. it's similar to The Way We Were in how it doesn't really have to make sense. it just is.

there are certain covers that stick out- the TR&R Concentrate, which warmed me up to the whole thing, the cover of Constantinople with the Nigel Senada-esque sax riffs, the dreamy Man's World... i might just end up naming the whole setlist.

the one that struck every chord with me was the rendition of Benny, with the section from Nobody Laughs When They Leave so wonderfully put in there. the slow, almost winding guitar plays nicely with what seems to be MIDI harpsichord. the way Singing Resident tells the story of the man who's head was halfway eaten by a shark really has a hazy feeling to it. the second half of the song seems to slow down time itself. i really love how Singing Resident does the little kissy kissy noises after "still... half... a kiss". it's very silly and very cute.

since this project is really based entirely on other projects, it's not one that you can get really deeply into. but it's good anyways.

RZ Project Talk / ICKY FLIX (Project of the Week for 8th of May)
« on: May 08, 2017, 10:38:38 am »

sort of a weird project to choose, but its one that im very fond of and i don't quite think this week is right for more of the Classic stuff. soon, though. soon.

i recall first stumbling upon Disfigured Night and feeling utterly overwhelmed at how much of it i loved (all of it).

it's really got everything: clowny costumes, a protagonist with an involuntary hyper-empathetic sort of ability, a shocking story and of course, The Residents.

i don't really have much to say in terms of interpreting the story, because it sorta comes at face value for me. Silly Billy learns to care for the Monkey and through that caring, he finds himself on a slippery slope of caring about all the pain the he used to see and feel so differently. the pain that flowed so easily and comfortably though him stuck to him as he lost what little he had. and of course, from this, he finds a way out and has a revelation- that he can care for others without being hurt or something like that.

but there's a liveliness to Molly's mostly wordless performance. she makes excellent use of body language! plus the costume is super cute and i love the little freckle thingies on her face and the white gloves. Singing Resident, as the monkey, seems to frame Silly Billy's motions throughout a majority of the performance. he may be telling the story, but it is by no means about him. the story of Silly Billy is merely brought to us through him, just as the most horrific experiences of others are only visible to us through Silly Billy. (bit of a reach.)

i feel like a piece of the story is also made clearer through the Icky Flix rendition of We Are The World, Just For You. the lyrics become joyously spiteful and selfish. it's a sarcastic reflection of the original song, and an expansion of the first rendition of it by them. where the "me"'s of "you and me" are repeated, the basis for Just For You are laid. the seemingly charitable behavior proves itself to be, in actuality, deeply motivated by a desire to seem generous when in reality, they are being done by someone who recognizes their own selfishness, their own greed, their own... horrible-ness, really.  one little bit of the song that always struck a chord with me is...

But if my words of wisdom fall underneath your ears, I'll try to find forgiveness in me, just for you.

i don't think it's a song about Silly Billy, nor is it about the monkey. instead, i think it is pointing out the improbability of Billy's journey ending in any sort of care without ulterior motives. it is only possible for Silly Billy due to the fact that he is defined, until the point where the monkey changes him, by his lack of suffering. he experiences the suffering of others without understanding it, and believes that by experiencing it, he frees them from it. his contact with others is so fleeting that he cannot possibly come to understand or care. and when he does, he is stripped of that joyous innocence. but he returns from it, still having a warmth to his soul. and that just ain't likely in many other cases. a pleasant thought, sure. but Just For You is harsher, more realistic outcome.

still, Disfigured Night has a dreamy quality to it and i can get behind that. a favorite for sure.

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