Author Topic: What does it mean (in your opinion) for someone to be a fan of The Residents?  (Read 248 times)


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is it more than just liking the music? is it barely about the music? i'm excited to see what people think!
"All our lives we love illusion, neatly caught between confusion and the need to know we are alive."

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I have been a fan of The Residents since early eighties. I enjoy their style, crypticness, back stories, and costumes. I never really enjoyed their music until I listened to Midnight on Ten Two Times. Suddenly, I loved all Residents music.


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Them considering themselves a "fan" is good enough to be a fan, I guess. ;)

In my head I do think about "true fans" of The Residents, though. Usually people who ask the "What does it all mean?" question. The people who suspend their disbelief and play along with the game The Residents are playing. You know... the pretentious fans. :P


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The Residents have been my favorite band since 1979ish.
To me being a fan means I will follow them wherever they lead, whatever they do.
I've always liked the anonymity factor, and honestly I'm a little disappointed with all the openness now.
I could care less that Chuck is gay and raises chickens. Why did I have to know that?
To me it's about the phenomenon, not the individuals, the experience, not the personalities, the entities, not the people, the art, not the artist .
Oh yeah, the music's pretty good too.  ;D
I also love that no matter how dark and dismal it all may seem, there is always a happy ending, or at least a positive realization or reflection at the end.

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I've been a fan since the late 70's and I actually love the overblown exaggeration of the so called truth in the trilogy now, it speaks to how exaggerated everything on the Internet seems to speak to, especially in the social media format. Do I know if they are telling me the truth? Am I game to play along with it? It does help that I do actually care about the people behind the art, but being able to see their art for art's sake, even if the art blurs the lines into reality, it's fine by me. Everything they have ever done has blurred the lines of reality if you think about it. And now they are conceptualizing their own anonymity. I'm still game :)


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I've known The Residents since Mark of the Mole. I was 18 at that time, and bought the record.
I liked it, but at the same time thought it to be very weird.
So weird in fact that after listening to it a few times I just stopped.
A few years later it was the same all over again, but this time with Stars and Hank Forever.
Loved the Hank-side, thought the Sousa side soso, and also stopped.
Got into The Smiths, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, etc and lost track of The Residents.
That was until 2009 when I borrowed from the Rotterdam Central Library two CD's: Meet The Residents and The UGHS!
I was flabbergasterd! This. Was. The. Music. I. Looked. For. My. Whole. LIFE!
Since that moment I bought everything I could lay my hands on.

I always wear a Rez-tee, since that day.
Listen to their music as much as possible.
Want to know everything, and I really mean everything about them.
I love their music, their way of life (making music is way more important than being famous), their twisted sense of humour.
The way they reinvented themselves over and over again never stops to amaze me either.

To my surroundings I am sometimes almost religious about them.
So, a real pain in the ass methinks...

But hey: I love them. They enrich my life with their wonderful music, videos, books and stories.