Author Topic: In Between Dreams North American Tour: Which Show Are You Going To?  (Read 29 times)


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The North American tour is starting in just a few months! Let's get hyped! Who's going to see the shows? If you're going, which show(s) are you going to see? It'd be nice to see if any forum members are going to the show you're going to!

I'll be going to the Salt Lake City show, and it seems like that'll be the only one I'm gonna be going to unless they add a Phoenix show (which they should totally do btw). I'll also be bringing a special friend who isn't really a Rz fan at all but... well, they decided to go with me anyway.  ;D

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I want to go to the Minneapolis show, but I can't find anyone who can go with me.  I mean I could go by myself, but a young twenty-something alone in a big city for the first time? That's a recipe for disaster.
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april 6th, in schan fuhranschisco.
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