Author Topic: So.... how do YOU feel about the new 'open-door' world of Hardy Fox/Charles Bobuck.  (Read 393 times)


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Ever since "Codgers On The Moon", the essays of CB's "Test-tubes Of Tomorrow", and the 'retirement'....
It's been quite an 'about-face' on (at least) ONE member of our favorite 'band'!
This would be the right place to ask you all....
does it 'mess' with your head?
Are you STILL in shock about how much we've been allowed read, about CB, his past, and his happiness!
Even more, now on his OWN web-site, we can actually TALK to him!!

It's a different world!
and, while it's exciting, it's still a head-scratcher as to why, and I wonder what you fellow 'hard-cores' think!

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it's an act of contrasting interpretations of how anonymity can be played. when Charles is presented to us, there is a certain blurring between what can be considered "fact" and what can be considered "fiction". theres something quite real about his Test Tube of Tomorrow journals. when you contrast him with Randy- practically a hilariously exaggerated portrait of a person, but with Randy, his exaggeration reveals aspects of who he is. with Charles, there seems to be a degree of encouragement to see him as Just A Person.

that all applied up until he left the band and began working with Hardy, so it wouldn't be ridiculous to assume his journals were all based in fact. who's to say if he has fully removed the chains of anonymity, though? i DO appreciate that he is making music just for the hell of it according to how he wants to work. his rate of output is INSANE! i like it.
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Vince, the website has no option to talk to Charles Bobuck.

We can talk to Hardy, though.

Yeah, this all messes with my head. It consumes my waking hours, creeping deep into my dreams. Sometimes I wonder if The Residents are doing exactly what they set out never to do, now that a member has left.  Like, we still have "The Residents".. sure.. but things just feel different. This is new.

The fact that Hardy Fox himself is re-imagining short stories, and Bobuck is collaborating on what is practically a brand new medium of literature.. it feels like.. EXACTLY like Bobuck's work is being tailor-made for me personally as a fan.

I really adore this avalanche of Bobuck music. Especially "What was Left of Grandpa" -- I will be forever attempting to transcribe the buried lyrics therein.
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Interesting how the concept of Randy, Chuck & Bob opened the door for this to happen. Charles Bobuck basically said as much on the Codgers on the Mon website. I have to wonder if The Rz took the consequences of the RCB concept into account when they made it, or if things worked the way they did by accident. I also have to wonder if the RCB concept will run its course, or if we'll have Randy forever.


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I think it's really interesting that we've been able to read so much about him.  It is very new, and it does feel very strange! But not quite a bad strange? I'm not sure how to phrase it. What I'm saying is, knowing about who Chuck is as a person, is a bit disorienting, since it's completely different from what we expect/what we're used to... but I'm also excited to see where it goes!

I don't think we'll have the RCB concept forever...  but then I never considered that as a possibility before. At least, I think it'd be uncharacteristic for the RCB concept stick around forever... but then again, who's to say what exactly is characteristic for the Residents!!!
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