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Re: A Thread For Introductions
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My name is ZZaunkoenig. The 1st Z stands for Zacharias, "Zaunkoenig" means "wren", a small but very lively singer. Actually the name derives from the alliteration of the names of Duckburgh inhabitants. So blame Carl Barks on that.
I first discovered The Residents ca. at 1980 when I read an article about them in a german music magazine called "Fachblatt Musikmagazin". I heard and loved them until God in Three Persons - and then forgot them because my interests moved in another direction.
Then somehow somewhen I rediscovered them - and loved them more than ever. I had the luck to be able to buy a collection of dvds and cds from a guy on eBay. And I was able to see them two times live - first time in Hamburg at the Wonder of the Weird Show, second time in Düsseldorf at the Shadowland Tour (which was sooo great).
My favorite albums? That changes every once in a while. Maybe one of my all time favorites is River of Hades - but that is only one album. Everytime I hear an album I discover something new. That's a sign for really great music, isn't it?
I'm just listening to the Mole Show while I'm writing this. What a damn **** great show that was.
Other music I like is Frank Zappa (also discovered around 1980) and Captain Beefheart and Yes and Led Zeppelin and ... The Beatles of course ... and Fantômas (one very great band - listen to them!).
ADMIN EDIT: had to upload your image to imgur and link it, sorry. the forum doesn't do too well with attachments - limited space and all. welcome, though!
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