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Beware the Ides of Merch
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Dear All,

I am a Cheerful Hypocrite.

I know I was a lot younger when I first heard the Residents. I may have purchased my first Residents LP, on vinyl, from the Late Pete Burns in Probe Records on Mathew Street - opposite the Armadillo Tea Rooms. Now gone. But the Bust of Jung, with the quote about Liverpool being the Pool of Life is still there. If you are ever visiting. You can stand on a Manhole Cover. The same Cosmic Manhole Cover as Bill Drummond - 28th November 2013 - stood on and stare at the steps of Probe Records. Naturally, Probe Records is gone. Translocated elsewhere.

 I suspect Pete Burns may have seen the Residents on the 29th June 1983 Royal Court in the Royal Court. Although, he was probably expecting to see them at The State. For various treasons, the venue was moved. I only suspect this because that is the date printed on the Ticket I have from the State. Where I did not go. No. Not me. Not that easily fooled. Well, I am, but not that day. I wandered to the Royal Court and saw the whole thing. Afterwards I jumped upon a bus from the bubble stops and fled the scene. Tremendously happy, as I recall it.

As a consequence of early age exposure to the Residents, I have a developed the need to sustain delusions about their various identities and so forth. This is generally harmless but completely unreliable. It has involved various people - of generally good character - from across the globe, being incited  to take part in time travel and various implausible reports.

Bunny is possibly my most sentimentally favourite. Having bribed the Box Office, in London, with Chocolates for various reasons, I do have a strange affection for the whole thing. Especially since I ended up in Cambridge. Watching all of the Bunnification Webination to date. It was an interesting few days.

Somewhere between Mole and Bunny, I acquired a slight brain injury. I did recover. I suspect I did not recover when I believed I recovered.
Not altogether reliable for facts.
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