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Re: A Thread For Introductions
« Reply #20 on: November 15, 2016, 07:04:18 pm »
I got interested in The Residents when I was a DJ at a college radio station in Louisiana in 1983. Listeners would sometimes request Constantinople.

Over the years, I loved The Residents appearance, back stories, crypticness, and all around weirdness. But I just didn't get the actual music. Even the live shows weren't doing it for me. Finally I went to see the Wonder of Weird show. Afterwards, I bought a couple of CDs, Coochie Brake and Ten Two Times.

Coochie Brake didn't work for me, and neither did most of Ten Two Times. When I heard the two versions of Midnight, suddenly things clicked. It was like the flicking of a switch. Suddenly, I liked all the music on Ten Two Times. I liked all the music on Coochie Brake. I went through the few records I had. I now loved all the music. Quickly, I purchased practically their entire catalog, and they became my favorite band.

I have 5 cats, my hobby is seeking weird music, and my favorite Residents record is The Bunny Boy.