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Artist Profile: MisterFrogg
« on: October 12, 2018, 11:56:36 am »
The Body Of My Post:

I'm MisterFrogg, for here and now, at least. I have many other names, you'll know them over time, unless you don't pay attention which is fine. I have been a fan for years now, some of you may or may not remember me.
I am a general artist in general. I dabble in numerous mediums, including but not limited to: graphic art, music, video, costuming, sculpture, illustration, etc. I am currently focused on graphic art and music, but that'll surely change. I play rudimentary guitar, and sing, and produce music electronically, and experiment when I can. My main musical project is DEAES, a dark witchy folk band that I sing and play guitar for. I have numerous projects going on at any given moment anyway. I try not to get bored.
I'm open to any kind of collaboration. Need music? I'm in. Need visual art? I'm in. Need videowork? I'm in. Just, let me know. Though currently, I prefer music, if only because it is more immediately gratifying.
Nothing inspires me more than the desire to be free, otherwise I know nothing! NOTHING! NO THING! NOTATHING! I DONT KNOW!
I care about your creativity, and your freedom, and the existence of it on this swirling ball of trash. I am here to cultivate creativity where I can. That is my primary function sometimes. My greatest desire is to see the lines between art and life become completely blurred. We all have access to that, to a degree. But I want it for everyone, especially the poor bastards starving in your local corporate park. Until then, I do my best to shine light on desperation and ugliness, and strangeness, for strangeness is next to godliness. I leave windows open on rainy days.
My favorite Residents albums are God In Three Persons, Tweedles, and Not Available. I think.

Here's some links to places where you can see and hear my work.
My dark folk music, DEAES:
My old Residents rip off project, PROTO-SAPIEN & THE WITCHCRAFT:
Solo musical compositions to be updated soon:
My videowork:
My personal instagram:

Anyways, let's see what happens.

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